19 Best Cycle Brands in India (2023) – Customer’s Choice

Now the best way to remain fit and active is by cycling. Cycling daily helps to circulate blood in your body efficiently and reduces and dissolves fat; you can easily maintain a fit and active lifestyle.

However, with cycling getting popular in India, several cycle brands have opened offline and online shops in the country. In this, choosing the best cycle brand becomes tedious as there are many in the market, and you can easily fall into confusion about which one to go with.

Thus, to help you sort out your mess in this article, we will have an in-depth discussion about the best cycle brands in India

Top Picks of The Best Cycle Brands in India 2023

Below is the list of the best cycle brands in India based on their frame material, design, durability, size, customer support and warranty.

1. Hero

Established in Ludhiana, Punjab, in 1956, Hero is one of India’s trusted and well-known cycle brand names. During its initial years, the brand specialised only in cycling components and gears.

However, over time, they shifted their focus towards the manufacturing of cycling. Today, Hero is one of the leading producers of cycles, manufacturing almost 19000 units daily.

Cyclists most love this brand since they offer a vast variety of superior quality bikes, catering to the needs of all age groups. This brand mainly deals with city, all-terrain, mountain, and electric bikes. 


  • They produce lightweight bicycles in all categories 
  • The brand manufactures both premium and standard segments of bicycles. 
  • They use an advanced gear mechanism to ensure smooth and hassle-free gear shifting.

2. Firefox

Another famous cycle brand in India loved by the majority is the Firefox cycle brand. It was established in 2005 with the main motto of promoting cycling as an environment-friendly way of transport. The firefox bicycles come with various advanced and modern features that account for their high demand in the market.

This brand produces both bicycles and cycle components. Owing to the brand’s popularity, it was acquired by Hero in 2015 and is now operated under the umbrella of the Hero cycling brand. 


  • Manufactures cycles for all age groups and gender 
  • It uses advanced technology for its manufacturing process
  • The Firefox bicycles feature the latest components 

3. Urban Terrain

Another famous cycle brand in India that provides premium quality bikes is the Urban Terrain cycle brand. The Urban terrain cycles are thoughtfully made for all kinds of roads and terrain. The brand takes care of minor details to produce superior-quality bikes that excel in looks, durability, and efficiency. It puts a high emphasis on craftsmanship, innovation, and comfort. 


  • Highly efficient and innovative cycles
  • The cycles offer impressive durability 

4. Leader

The leader cycle brand is India’s one of best cycle brand names, with a vast customer base. One of the primary reasons for the massive popularity of this cycling brand is its affordable price range. It produces various cycles, such as kids’ cycles, women’s bikes, hybrid bikes, fat tires bikes, electric bikes, etc.

The cycles manufactured by this brand feature an in-house design pattern, offering the bikes new age colour and design. The products by Leader brand conform to the latest technology standard set by the Bureau of Indian standards. 


  • The cycles have a sturdy body 
  • They offer a wide variety of bicycles 

5. Vector 91

Cycling is the best way to get fit, and what can be better than a good cycle that offers you several unique features and benefits? The vector 91 cycles are known for guaranteed satisfaction, enhanced convenience, superior support, ownership delight, etc.

They have various types of bicycles, such as electric bikes, geared and single-speed cycles, and cycles for men, women, and kids. You can also get other kinds of bikes, such as MTB, ATB, FTB, hybrid bikes, etc.


  • Also deal with geared and single-speed cycles
  • Provide electric cycles
  • Provide lifetime frame warranty

6. Beetle

Beetle bikes are suitable for those who love to ride elegantly. They produce bikes for kids as well as for adults. The beetle bikes are a perfect combination of style and substance. They are durable and dependable.

They are engineered using lightweight and sturdy steel and comprise superior components to ensure that your every cycling venture is efficient and super comfortable. The beetle bikes are available in many colour options, and you can choose any colour as per your choice. The elegant design of the bikes and the use of superior accessories make them stand out from the rest. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Super lightweight
  • Super stylish design 

7. R for Rabbit

R for rabbit is a famous brand with a reputation for manufacturing superior quality bikes for kids. As cycles tend to be a precious gift for children when they grow up, what can be more exciting for them to ride a classy and stylish bike?

With practical design and innovation, they make the cycle ride adventure fun for the children. The cycles by r for rabbit comes fully equipped with several notable features. The prime includes enhanced safety features, an adjustable handle, disc brakes, an adjustable seat, a non-corrosive magnesium alloy structure, etc. The R for rabbit cycles is available in various sizes and shapes per your children’s requirements.


  • Enhanced safety features
  • Plug-n-play design
  • Superior quality frame

8. OMO Bikes

Omo bikes are India’s first customised bicycle brand. One of the fascinating features of omo bikes is that IIT engineers and cyclists design their cycles. These cycles are designed in India and thus made for India. You can easily customise your cycle as per your requirement. Not only this but also you will get 30 days part replacement warranty and thus with this you can remain worry-free for this period.

The Omo bikes are super lightweight, and you can easily ride them without discomfort. The Omo bikes are built with top components and have extreme precision to provide unmatched performance. 


  • Parts with extreme precision
  • Customisation feature
  • Two years warranty on frame

9. Avon

Avon is one of India’s oldest and most trusted cycle brands. It was established in 1948 as a cycle brake and saddle manufacturing brand. In the year 1951, the brand started manufacturing bicycles. The Pahwa brothers in Punjab established the brand. Gradually it emerged as one of India’s largest cycle manufacturer brands.

The earlier cycle designs of Avon were simplistic. Today they offer a massive variety of cycles featuring a modern contemporary design. Today Avon cycles produce more than 200 plus various cycle models. Some of the best cycle models of Avon are Neowave, Avon Sherry 26T, and Avon Gen now. 


  • They provide single-walled alloy rings
  • The cycle comes with durable tyres, comfortable adjustable seats, and sturdy side stands
  • Provides riders with enhanced riding experience

10. BSA

The Murugappa Group founded the BSA cycle brand in 1949. They collaborated with tube investments ( UK) to establish the brand. The brand is renowned for launching some of the first bicycles in India. It found a bike in all categories, such as kid’s cycle, MTB, lady’s cycle, gear cycles, etc.

Regarding the quality of BSA cycles, the brand ensures that only superior and premium quality materials are used to produce bikes. The BSA cycles are made of high-quality steel, carbon fibre, and aluminium materials. One of the well-known cycles manufactured by this brand is the BSA ladybird, which has become a massive hit among women folk. 


  • Perfect choice for ladies and kids
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to rise
  • The BSA cycles have well-positioned adjustable saddle 
  • They are highly affordable

11. Atlas

Established in 1950, Atlas cycles is a renowned cycle brand in India. We might have heard tales about the mighty Atlas cycles from our father and grandfather. Even some of us might have had a chance to experience the mightiness of these cycles.

They made Atlas cycles to serve ordinary person’s needs in India efficiently. But now things have drastically changed. The current models of Atlas cycles have a revamped design to suit the requirements of the modern youth. The Atlas cycles come with superior features and advanced grip tyres to provide you with a seamless cycling experience.


  • Mighty build quality
  • Durable frame can last for several years
  • Affordable price range

12. Btwin

Btwin cycle brand is a trademark company owned by Decathlon. This cycle brand is known for its latest design, impressive durability, affordability, and innovation. The primary aim of the brand is to bring cost-effective and budgeted bicycles for everyone.

Some bestselling and top-rated Btwin bicycle models include the Riverside 120, Btwinrockrider 340, Triban 100, BtwinMyBike, and Ultra 900. With a Btwin bicycle, you can remain assured of its quality and durability. 


  • Affordable price range 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Thoughtfully positioned handlebar 

13. Hercules

This famous cycle brand was founded in 1949 by the Murugappa Group in collaboration with Tube Investments. Hercules manufactured the first mountain bike in India in 1951. Some popular Hercules cycle models include Flunk RF, Hercules dynorRF, Hercules hister, and Hercules S26. The Hercules bicycles are trendy because of their affordable price range. This Hercules cycle brand strives to offer a riding experience that the users will cherish. 


  • Highly cost-effective
  • Easy availability in both online and offline stores 
  • Manufactures special bikes for ladies and kids 
  • It comes in both single-speed and gear-cycle variants 

14. Kross

If you want to experience a two-wheeled luxury, you can go with the Kross cycles. Kross bikes have efficiently set up a new benchmark in the cycling industry. They have various types of bicycles, such as city bikes, ladies’ bikes, kids’ bikes, mtb, etc. You can go with any cycle as per your requirement. Riding kross cycles, you will surely experience utmost durability and performance on any Indian road and any type of terrain. 

Every model of Kross cycles comprises an ergonomically designed frame that imparts the bike with a stylish look and enhanced durability.


  • Provide unique cycles for adventure enthusiasts, women, and kids
  • Premium quality material 
  • Provides high-quality riding experience

15. Speed bird

Speed bird specialises in manufacturing cycles for kids. These cycles are the safest cycle that you can prefer for your kids. The speed bird cycles for kids comprise an elegant and kid-friendly look and numerous safety features. Speed bird is a brand that aims to create a special bond between the cycles and kids which will last forever. One of the significant aspects of the speed bird cycles that makes them popular among people is that they are available at an affordable price, and you will not have to pinch your pockets to purchase any model of speed bird cycles. 


  • Affordable price range
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Sturdy frame

16. Geekay

If you have trouble finding a bike that is just your suitable shape, then geekay bikes will solve your problem. They have cycles ranging from mountain bikes; kids’ bikes to electric bikes in various sizes. The geekay cycles have steel frames, calliper brakes, a rigid fork, and a comfortable seat with height adjusting features; you can get to experience a smooth and seamless cycle riding experience.

The geekay bikes are a suitable bike for every style-conscious rider. The cycles have a steel frame for adequate durability and stability. Riding the geekay bikes, you will never find yourself with back aches or body pain after riding for a long day on the trails.

Some models of geekay bikes are also equipped with advanced mag wheel technology, which keeps your bike going with power irrespective of the obstacles in your path.


  • Ultra-modern design
  • Powerful brakes for instant stopping
  • Sporty and comfortable saddle

17. Triad

Triad cycles is an online exclusive cycles brand that aims to reimagine how cycles tend to be designed. You can seamlessly place your order for your favourite triad bike, and it will be delivered to your home; once it is delivered, you will be ready to ride out of the box.

The triad cycle range primarily emphasises design and form function, along with an eclectic mix of various colours. With the triad bikes, you can easily explore the path less driven and keep yourself fit, active and healthy.

The cycles have a frame made using advanced technology which can easily withstand flat, harsh, or rugged trail conditions. Not only this but also, while riding these cycles, you can have a comfortable riding position that would not be overly aggressive.


  • Rider comfort
  • Enhanced shock absorption
  • Sporty feel design

18. Sturdy bikes

If you are a bike fan and want to invest in an excellent fat bike, then without any second thoughts, you can go with the sturdy bike. They have a plethora of options for cycles that are suitable for a variety of terrains and roads.

The cycles of sturdy bikes are incredibly durable, and they can easily last long for several years with regular rough usage. You can quickly drive these fat bikes on any terrain and road without hassle or extra effort. Moreover, these cycles are also easy to handle and enjoyable to ride.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable

19. Caya

If you want a redefined cycling experience, then Caya cycles would be a suitable option. Every aspect of the cycle, from the frame to bespoke components, is designed carefully to provide you with a comfortable riding experience.

These cycles are not only durable but also have a stylish look. The Caya assures safety as well as style to its users. The Caya cycles comprise alloy rims that are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and handle. You can experience a smooth ride over different kinds of terrains when riding these bikes.


  • Caya cycles have all-weather grip tyres for effective control
  • Superior quality handlebars
  • Super comfortable saddle


Thus, from our above discussion about the best cycle brands in India, it would be clear for you to prefer a cycle from any brand per your requirement. Our above discussion will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about all the bikes mentioned above brands.

We have also discussed the pros of each cycle brand. Now, following this article, purchasing the best bicycle for you will become more effortless and seamless.

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