9 Best Barbeque Grill in India 2023 – Top Products Ranked

What can be more surreal than the company of good friends, fresh air, and hot food? With the best barbeque grill, you prepare some delicious barbeques at home and enjoy a pleasant time with your family and friends.

However, it often needs to be clarified to choose the best barbeque grill from many available options. Thus, to help you select the right one for you, below is a list of the best barbeque grill from which you can prefer anyone as per your choice.

Moreover, we will discuss a buying guide for barbeque grills to make your purchasing task hassle-free.

Top Picks of The Best Barbeque Grill in India 2023

Below is the list of the best barbeque grill in India based on their power consumption, material, components, durability, temperature control, and warranty.

1. AGARO Barbeque Non-Stick Electric Griller

AGARO Barbeque Non-Stick Electric Griller
  • Wattage: 1600 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Years

The AGARO 1600 watts barbeque is one of the best buys you can get without any second thought. With its powerful performance, this barbeque lets you prepare yummy grills effortlessly. It comes with a toughened glass lid that lets you monitor the food cooked in the barbeque. This barbeque features a non-stick-coated grill plate that prevents the food from sticking to the surface. The non-stick plate facilitates even uniform cooking of the food items even with less oil. Moreover, a non-stick coating even facilitates easy and hassle-free cleaning.

To enhance the user experience, it is provided with a temperature control knob. You can adjust the temperature easily as per your requirement with the knob. The AGARO barbeque is equipped with an oil drip tray that collects extra oil which drips from the food. You can later remove this tray after cooking for cleaning purposes. Another significant benefit of this barbeque is its compact size, which lets you place it anywhere without worrying about space constraints.


  • The ergonomic build and light design make it an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor grill parties
  • It has a smooth surface which makes cleaning easy


  • The absence of an instruction manual makes it assembling a challenging task

2. H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB

H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB
  • Material: ‎Cast Iron
  • Finish Type: Stellar Black

The Hy-tec barbeque comes in the design of a briefcase that accounts for its unique looks. This unique build of the barbeque lets you easily carry it for picnics. Its unique handle design offers a firm grip and a robust built-in lock. To ensure the product’s durability, it is made of cast iron, which gives strength to the appliance. It is provided with a superior powder-coated finish, ensuring that your barbeque lasts longer. The unique hammer design enhances the device’s elegance while offering charm to the barbeque.

It has an add-on charcoal tray that improves the strength of the product. To ensure the stability of the product on all sorts of surfaces, it is embedded with four foldable solid legs. The hy-tec barbeque comes with durable and heavy grills made of superior-quality metal. It keeps the food close to the charcoal’s heat, thus offering uniform cooking. The skewer rod features a square shape that easily holds meat and vegetables. Moreover, the square shape lets you quickly rotate the skewer for grilling or roasting.


  • It offers easy adjustment of the heating plate
  • This barbeque grill comes with a temperature control mechanism


  • The build quality of this product is not that impressive

3. Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill

Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill
  • Wattage: 1600 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Years

The Prestige PPBB-02 barbeque grill is another best barbeque model worth buying. This barbeque model has a hood that facilitates heat retention and delivers rich, authentic flavours in no time. Moreover, this barbeque enables the cooking of juicy kebabs and steaks and lets you fry, sauté, roast, and shimmer a variety of food. This barbeque is extremely easy to assemble, making it easy and convenient. It comes with coal-based cooking that lets you experience the joy of an authentic outdoor barbeque kitchen that offers delicious dishes. The coal-infused aroma adds to the excellent taste of the cooked dishes.

It comes with a foldable leg feature letting you carry it easily. One of the significant features of this barbeque is a unique air damper that regulates airflow and temperature. This feature ensures the product’s safety from mild fires and offers perfectly cooked tikkas. It also has a warming rack that keeps the food warm for longer hours.


  • It comes with a removable thermostat
  • The temperature control mechanism of this barbeque grill lets you control the temperature as per your need


  • The stand of this barbeque grill is delicate, and hence one has to be careful while placing it

4. TOMdoxx Smokeless Portable Barbeque Grill

TOMdoxx Smokeless Portable Barbeque Grill
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Years

Enjoy your favourite steaks and hot kebabs anytime with the Tomdoxx 2000 barbeque grill. This barbeque grill features the latest smokeless technology that adds to the higher efficiency of the product. The smokeless technology eliminates smoke, thus letting you cook effortlessly outdoors and indoors without letting the smoke in the way of your cooking. The cooking grid of this barbeque grill comes with chrome plating, and the heater pipe is made of stainless steel material that adds to the product’s longevity.

It has handles on both sides that let you quickly shift its place. These handles are made of superior-quality plastic, which does not conduct heat, eliminating accidents. The temperature adjustment feature automatically cuts off the power when the temperature crosses the optimum level. It is further equipped with an anti-slip skid leg that ensures the firm hold of the product on any surface, preventing it from slipping off.


  • The smokeless technology offers relief from the choking smoke


  • The handle of the skewers gets detached easily, requiring continuous adjustment

5. Chefman Small Charcoal Grill Barbeque

Chefman Small Charcoal Grill Barbeque
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish Type: Black

ChefMan is one of the top brands that manufacture superior quality products in home and kitchen appliances. This barbeque grill by ChefMan is one of the best products that boast high efficiency and impressive longevity. It features a product dimension of 34 cm in length, 19 cm in width, 24 cm in height, and a weight of 4000 grams. To offer an enhanced cooking experience, it comes with various grilling accessories such as skewers and tongs.

 This barbeque grill has ergonomic wooden handles on both sides, making carrying the product from one place to another easy and safe. It has a rust-proof body, ensuring the longevity of the product. The stainless steel sticks have a wooden handle that lets you grill the food without burning your hands. The small size of the ChefMan barbeque grill further adds to the superb usability of the product.


  • The small size and light weight make this barbeque grill easily portable


  • It is not an ideal choice for big parties or family gatherings

6. MAZORIA Foldable Charcoal Barbeque Grill

MAZORIA Foldable Charcoal Barbeque Grill
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated

Add a smoky flavour to your favourite grill items with the Mazoria foldable charcoal barbeque grill. The primary benefit of this barbeque grill is its briefcase-style design which makes it highly portable. The briefcase build lets you easily fold the barbeque grill and carry it outdoors or to your favourite picnic spot.

The four foldable legs of the barbeque grill ensure compact storage when the product is not in use. It comes with a powder coating that offers a significantly smoother surface. The charcoal grill unit provides crispness for your burgers and steaks while keeping them juicy and moist from the inside. The icing on the cake is the added smoky flavour that enhances the taste of the grilled foods. It has several accessories, such as skewers, gloves, tongs, and a butter brush. Including all the essential accessories ensures that you have not spent any extra time gathering all these items.


  • The briefcase build lets you easily carry it anywhere you go


  • The grill tray is prone to rust

7. Qualiroast Barbeque Grill Set

Qualiroast Barbeque Grill Set
  • Material: Iron
  • Finish Type: Black

Whether you wish to treat your family and friends to a delicious meal or invite colleagues to a barbeque party, the Qualiroast grill will be an ideal choice. This barbeque grill is exceptionally light and easily foldable, making the product highly portable. You can easily set up this barbeque grill anywhere without getting into a hassle of a tough installation battle. It has foldable legs of superior quality material that keeps the product firmly on the table.

This portable barbeque grill requires less maintenance since you can easily clean it with a half-dry cloth. It has several accessories, such as eight skewers, one tong, one grill, and one clove. These additional accessories let you prepare a wide variety of appetizers the way you want. The barbeque grill briefcase is made of superior quality iron yet is lightweight. It enables you to carry this product to different places while offering durability.


  • This barbeque grill requires minimal care and maintenance


  • It has rough edges that can hurt the fingers

8. La Henk Grill set

La Henk Grill set
  • Material: ‎Cast Iron
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated

Featuring a dimension of 50 cm in height, 25 cm in length, and 44 cm in width, the La Henk barbeque grill set is another best barbeque model worth buying. This barbecue grill has four foldable legs that offer easy and hassle-free carrying of the product. The foldable leg feature offers convenient product storage during off-seasons or while you set out for a barbeque night outdoors.

It comes with heavy and durable grills made of premium quality metal. The grills keep the food close to the heat of the coal, offering a smoky aroma and flavour to the food items.

The skewer rod features a square shape, offering a stronghold to the meat, vegetables, paneer, and other food items you wish to grill. The La Henk barbeque grill is made from high-quality steel that offers sturdiness and durability of the product.

Moreover, the grilling net is made of 843 highly durable steel with a non-stick coating. The grilling net is highly temperature resistant and offers even heat conduction, making the grilled food tastier and healthier.


  • This barbeque grill has an excellent build quality


  • The placement of the grill is quite close to the coal tray due to which the coal dust often gets on the good items

9. Fabrilla Round Barbeque Charcoal Grill

Fabrilla Round Barbeque Charcoal Grill
  • Material: Iron
  • Finish Type: Black

Make your outdoor or indoor barbeque parties more special with the Fabrilla grill. This barbeque grill features an ergonomic design with three sturdy legs that give the grill a steady footing while grilling your favourite food.

Moreover, the compact build of the product lets you place it anywhere without worrying about space shortage. A feature unique to this barbeque grill is its round shape, offering the product a stylish look. This product provides a grilling space of 34 cm, letting you cook more food at a time.

The Fabrilla barbeque grill offers you the pleasure of coal-based cooking. It provides a definitive smoky flavour to your grilled foods. It comes with a hard anodized coating that makes this cooking equipment highly durable, making it scratch and corrosion-resistant. The iron body makes the product sturdy and easy to clean. The grill tray has a non-stick coating that lets you cook food with minimal oil. The Fabrilla barbeque grill can make food delicious and healthy in less time.


  • The sound shape of this barbeque grill offers the product a compact build.
  • The lid offers more excellent retention of the smoky flavour.


  • It is a bit hard to clean

Buying Guide For Best Barbeque Grill

Considering the factors below, you can easily purchase the appropriate barbeque grill.

Type of barbeque grill: There are three barbeque grills: charcoal, gas, and electric. The charcoal grill is easy to use and adds authentic barbeque flavour to any grilled food. Not only this, but also the charcoal barbeque grill is affordable, and it is suitable for people who want an authentic smoky flavour. 

Whereas the electric barbeque grill uses an electric heating element to cook food. However, unlike gas grills, they do not tend to alter the flavour of the food being cooked. You can control the heat seamlessly and efficiently. But they cannot reach high temperatures like the gas or charcoal grills.

Similarly, the natural grill uses a dedicated gas line. However, they are more expensive than the other barbeque grills but have lower fuel costs. They are best suitable for impatient chefs looking to fire up the grill, enjoy delicious barbeque quickly, and do not want to worry about the preparation or cleaning up.

Size and shape: The next factor you need to consider while purchasing a barbeque grill is determining its size. For this, first, you need to consider the size of your cooking area. 

A typical three-burner grill will suit you if you have 450-500 inches of cooking area. But if you have more cooking space, like 550-650 inches, and invite many people to your parties, you would require a large barbeque grill with 5-6 burners.

Grill Material: The grill material is also an essential thing that you need to consider while purchasing the best barbeque grill. We all trust the material to handle high heat and high stress effectively.

The modern and high-end grills comprise stainless steel. However, you can also find other types of grill material, such as cast iron, cast aluminium, enamel-bonded steel, and stainless steel.

Among always prefer a barbeque with 304-grade stainless steel material as they will last long for several years and have an adequate capacity to handle high heat and stress.

Accessories: Another thing you need to consider while purchasing a barbeque grill is what type of accessories you should get. With a barbeque grill, you should get accessories such as brushes enabling you to clean up quickly and a cart drawer to get extra utility and space for the grill.

It would help if you also got cookware such as specialized pans, cutting board, holder, drip pan to collect any grill runoff, etc. Apart from this, it would be best to have other accessories such as utensils, side burners, rotisseries, grillware, led lights for nighttime grilling, etc.

Cooking grates material: There are three types of cooking grates: cast iron, coated aluminium, and steel. Though steel cooking grates are affordable, they lose their temper and start to develop chips. 

Similarly, the coated aluminium cooking grates are a good choice but the coating chips away and expose the metal underneath to moisture, resulting in a rusty surface.

However, cast iron is better than coated aluminium and steel; the heavier it is, the better it will be. It can easily hold a lot of heat and also helps to cook food faster.

Best Barbeque Grill in India FAQs

Which grill is healthier: charcoal or gas?

The gas barbeque grill is better than the charcoal barbeque grill as food prepared on a gas barbeque grill has fewer carcinogens and a smaller carbon footprint.

Which type of grill is easiest to clean?

The gas barbeque grill is the easiest to clean. With some warm water and other liquid cleaners, you can easily clean the gas barbeque grill after preparing barbeques in it.

Is it better to leave the grill open or closed?

When the grill is open, you can effectively have precise control over the heat hitting while cooking food. But when the grill is closed, it can pick up heat from the surroundings, providing mixed results.


Following our above discussion about the best barbeque grill, you can seamlessly purchase the right one for your home. Also, the buying guide for barbeque grills discussed above in the article would make your shopping experience more seamless and hassle-free.

Thus, our discussion on the best barbeque grill will inform you on how to choose the right one and which one to choose. Besides, we have also discussed some frequently asked questions that would help you get answers to the questions that might come to your mind while shopping for the best barbeque grill.

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