9 Best Android TV in India 2023 – Upgrade For Smartest

Since its inception in the market, television has become a significant recreation and entertainment source. To meet the demands of the growing technological innovations and modern-day requirements, the TV has undergone an impressive amount of evolution.

As per TCL, a leading TV manufacturer, many advantages of android TV over smart TV are open source community, ease to use, optimized for voice search and search across apps.

We today have the android TVs at our aid, the latest addition in the television arena. These android TVs give us easy access to various online content and platforms.

Owing to the massive demand for android tv, the market consists of many options that might leave you in a state of dilemma. To ease your difficulty, we have curated a list of the best android tv in India which will help you in your purchase.

These Are The Best Android TV in India 2023

Checkout the list of best Android TV in India which is curated based on resolution, sound quality, connectivity option, size, and brand reputation.

1. Mi 55 Inches Android Smart LED TV

Mi 55 Inches Android Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With a 4K ultra HD resolution, this android TV by Mi is one of the bestselling products in the market, which you can buy without second thoughts. The high resolution of this television produces bright and premium-quality pictures. It features a vivid picture engine which delivers colour vibrancy and exquisite colour accuracy, which enhances your television watching experience.

Moreover, it comes with 20 watts speakers, which completes your entertainment experience. It features the patch wall to provide easy access to all the online streaming platforms. This feature gives access to all the trending content from all applications on a single screen.

With this android TV at your aid, you can watch the best of classic movies, originals, popular TV series and music. This TV even enables you to watch live news with just the touch of a button. Through Google Assistant, you can now easily control your android Tv’s operation.

2. OnePlus 50 inches Y Series Android LED TV

OnePlus 50 inches Y Series Android LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The onePlus Y series is another best android TV worth a purchase. The 4K resolution of this TV delivers ultra-realistic details and extraordinary clarity, which enhances your viewing experience. The 10-bit colour depth of this android TV provides breathtaking colour accuracy in every frame.

It has powerful speakers that deliver 24 watts, razor-sharp and high-definition audio. From sports to movies, atmospheric and powerful sound takes your viewing to a new level.

Moreover, the audio quality is boosted by Dolby audio ensures that every scene surrounds you with a vast ocean of crystal clear sound. The meticulously crafted, stylish bezel-less frame offers a compelling cinematic experience right in the comforts of your home.

Another significant feature of this android TV is its kid’s mode. This mode enables the parents to restrict applications and set playtime limits for the children. Additionally, the eye comfort mode automatically switches to a convenient mode that does not strain the child’s eyes.

3. Redmi 43 inches Android Smart LED TV

Redmi 43 inches Android Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With a product dimension of 96.7 cm in length, 21.5 cm in width and 61.3 cm in height, this android TV by Redmi is one of the top products which has a vast level of popularity in the market. It is powered by the latest quad-core A55 processor, which accounts for this tv’s smooth and powerful performance.

It has several connectivity options to ensure a hassle-free connection with various other devices. The connectivity options provided in this TV include Ethernet, optical, HDMI, USB and AV. The Redmi android comes with android version 10, which has something for everyone.

The massive collection of apps ensures that you never fall short of entertainment. With the built-in Chromecast, you can now effortlessly cast your favourite music, photos and videos from another device to the TV. This Redmi android TV model enables you to choose content from over 15+ language options.

4. TCL 40 inches Android R Smart LED TV

TCL 40 inches Android R Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – Full HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The TCL android tv is a must-have product featuring an advanced IP engine. The IP engine uses AI technology which identifies scenes in the HDR content, thereby delivering dynamic enhancement of the displayed visions.

The HDR technology provides superior quality colour contrast, which brings vivid colours to life and enhances all the image details. This TCL android TV is ideal for enjoying an immersive viewing experience at home. The exquisite video quality of the tv is complemented by a stunning audio quality which provides a life-like audio-visual experience. This TCL android TV has a micro dimming feature, enhancing the video quality.

This feature analyses the TV content through hundreds of separate zones, adjusting the darkness and brightness accordingly. To provide you with an immersive sound experience, it comes with Dolby audio feature, which optimizes the TV’s sound quality.

5. Kodak 32 inches Android LED TV

Kodak 32 inches Android LED TV
  • Resolution – HD Ready
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The Kodak android TV is powered by the advanced Cortex A53 Quad Core processor and Mali450 GPU, which ensures that the TV runs at lightning speed, delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience. It has multiple connectivity options such as Wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB.

To ease the user experience, it comes with a remote control operation. The ergonomically designed, sleek and slim remote comes with dedicated keys for Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Assistance and SonyLiv. It provides an enriched screen brightness of up to 500 nits, providing vivid picture quality and enhanced colour contrast.

It ensures that the darkest scenes from your favourite movies now have a bright contrast delivering clear visuals. This android Tv by Kodak features a sleek and slim design which will surely transform the aesthetics of your living room.

Apart from providing a cinematic experience, this Kodak android Tv is also an ideal choice for gamers. The various levels of contrast adjust to the different levels on the screen, resulting in an outstanding in-depth experience.

6. Acer 32 inches Android Smart LED TV

Acer 32 inches Android Smart LED TV
  • Resolution –  HD Ready 
  • Warranty – 1 Year

When buying the latest gadgets, Acer is one of the topmost brands preferred by many. The products manufactured by Acer are produced per all modern-day requirements, resulting in superb usability.

Moreover, the Acer products come within an affordable price range, making them easily accessible to all. This android tv by Acer is another best option which can purchase. It has a 178-degree wide viewing angle and a display of 16.7 million colours, resulting in enhanced colour brightness. The Acer android Tv features a voice-controlled smart remote, which eases its operation.

The remote features various hotkeys, giving easy access to online platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, etc. It comes with high-fidelity speakers with Dolby audio, resulting in an immersive sound experience. It has many connectivity options, including three HDMI and two USB ports. You can connect your personal computer, set-top box, laptop, or gaming console with the TV through HDMI ports.

7. Sony Bravia 32 inches Android LED TV

Sony Bravia 32 inches Android LED TV
  • Resolution – HD Ready
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With the Sony Bravia android Tv at your home, you can now access unlimited entertainment. It gives you easy access to all your favourite content, devices and services. To add to this android TV’s elegant look, it comes with a classy stand with cable MGMT, which imparts the appliance a luxurious look.

It comes with ultra-level protection through the X-protection PRO, which makes the appliance durable and protects it from humidity, lightning strikes, dust and power surges. The narrow bezel design of this android Tv gives it a refined look which will surely enhance the interior décor of your room.

It has an intelligent plug-and-play feature that allows you to share photos, music and videos from multiple devices easily. The open baffle speakers in this android Tv deliver impressive low-end audio, which is ideal for movies, games, sports and music.

8. Vu 43 Inches Android LED TV 

Vu 43 Inches Android LED TV 
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

If you are looking forward to upgrading your television to the attest android version, you can undoubtedly opt for this android tv model by VU. It comes with a panoramic wide viewing angle, giving stunning picture quality through all the angles. Now you can enjoy clear picture quality while sitting at the end of the couch.

Another significant feature of this VU android tv is its anti-glare screen which reduces distracting reflections from sunlight and light sources, thus reducing glare. The charcoal grey colour scheme of the VU android tv with modern aesthetics makes it the ideal choice for your modern room interior. This android Tv is an ideal choice for all cricket enthusiasts.

The cricket mode of the Vu android TV ensures 100% ball visibility, even while it is in full motion against the stadium’s backdrop concerning the audience, ground or sky. Moreover, the brand offers one year warranty on the product.

9. Toshiba 43 inches Android LED TV

Toshiba 43 inches Android LED TV
  • Resolution – Full HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The Toshiba android tv comes with an A+ grade LED panel, which results in enhanced display quality. The ultra-bright screen results in flawless picture quality, even in bright rooms. This full HD android TV presents clear and crisp images, which reduces image distortion.

The colour re-master feature of this android TV restores the original colour of the images, providing bright and colourful pictures. It gives you easy access to 5000 plus applications which you can easily download through the play store.

The Toshiba android tv comes with various other smart tv features such as built-in Chromecast, dual band wifi, quad-core processor, miracast and many more. Additionally, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, a significant benefit.

Buying Guide For Best Android TV In India

The android Tv is a modern TV that provides a fantastic viewing experience. With this type of TV, you can easily watch the content on a large screen that you used to watch on your mobile phone. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing an android TV.

Resolution: Resolution means the number of pixels that form the image on display. The more the pixels or resolution of the android TV, the more pleasing and crisp pictures you can get. There are various types of resolutions, such as HD, 4K, and 8K. If you want more refined and crisp images with accurate details, then you can go with the 8K or 4K resolution Android TV.

Smart Features: Smartphones have become smart due to the accessibility of many apps and seamless internet connectivity, voice control, etc. Similarly, you also need to check whether the android TV which you have chosen has smart features or not. It would help if you preferred those android TV models with smart features such as voice control, accessibility to various streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., and effective internet connectivity to get a thrilling viewing experience.

Connectivity Options: You need to consider the number of connectivity options in the android TV. The connectivity options include several HDMI ports. These ports are of immense use in several ways, such as connecting a Chromecast, firestick, game console, soundbar, etc. I prefer those android TV models with a sufficient number of connectivity options.

Display: The vital point of buying a TV is the display. There are various kinds of displays, such as LED, QLED, OLED, etc. The TV’s display determines factors such as viewing angles, contrast glare, etc. LED displays are the most common, providing a good display within an affordable range. But if you want better clarity and vivid picture details, then you should go for the OLED or QLED display.

Sound Quality: Choose the right kind of android TV for you with good sound quality. Ensure that the model of the android TV you have chosen has higher wattage sound output so that audio output will be more robust and you can get a clear and excellent sound.

Wrap Up

The products mentioned above are the best android tv in India worth purchasing. These best android TVs feature several latest and innovative technology and specifications, which adds to their popularity. They come with ultra HD resolution, which delivers premium quality picture quality.

Moreover, they are equipped with superior-grade speakers with Dolby audio which delivers an immersive sound quality. The android tv gives you a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Moreover, they come with several other features such as multiple connectivity options, a smart remote, the latest android version and many more, which adds to their high demand.  

Best Android TV in India FAQs

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