7 Best Air Purifier in India 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Are you looking for the best air purifier in India, but confused which one to buy, then you are landed at the right place.

Everyone loves to see their home neat and clean. We do regular sweeping cleaning of our house, but what’s about cleaning hidden germs? 

Yes, the germs and microscopic pollutants are present in the indoor air of our house. According to the EPA(Environment Protection Agency), indoor air quality is more than two times worse than outdoor air. 

So, how can we protect ourselves and our loved ones? The exact answer is by installing an air purifier in our house. 

With the increasing pollution and COVID-19 around the world, it is important for us and our family members to breathe quality air. So, to purify the air around us, it is important to buy an air purifier that can filter out microorganisms, toxins, and harmful gases from the air.

Which is the best air purifier in India?

Here is our top picks for the best air purifier in India based on filtration technology, smart features, purifying capacity, energy efficiency, price and after sale service.

  • Best Overall – Mi Air Purifier 3
  • Best Budget – Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier
  • Best Energy Efficient – Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier
  • Best For Small Rooms – Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887
  • Best Filter Life – Coway Professional Air Purifier
  • Best Purification Technology – Philips AC3256
  • Best Smart Controls – Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

1. Mi Air Purifier 3 Air Purifier

  • Filter Type – HEPA 
  • CADR – 380 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 484 sqft

The Mi Air Purifier 3 comes with a rectangular design equipped with mesh on all 4 sides. These meshes filter the air from impurities and throw out the clean air from the top of the machine.

The HEPA filter of this air purifier can filter out microorganisms up to 0.3 microns in size. Also, this air purifier comes with a 99.97% filtration efficiency.

One of the interesting features is that you can control this air purifier through the Mi Home app and also monitor air quality from time to time. Its smart features makes it one of the best air purifier in India for home.


  • Consumes less power (only 38W)
  • Highest filtration efficiency
  • It can be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • Filter needs a frequent change

2. Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier

  • Filter Type – HEPA 
  • CADR – 260 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 672 sq ft

The Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier comes with an auto-purification feature that can detect the PM2.5 levels and reduce them drastically. This air purifier can deliver clean air at a rate of 260 m3/hr. The night sensing mode makes your bedroom ready for sleep by constantly monitoring the air pollutants around you throughout the night. Moreover, this device operates silently, and hence you can have a peaceful sleep.

This device comes with a 4 level colour ring that displays the quality of air around you. The blue colour defines best air quality, and the red defines bad air quality.


  • Provides the highest accuracy
  • 4 level colour ring for displaying quality of air


  • Only suitable for small areas

3. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier

  • Filter Type – HEPA and Activated Carbon
  • CADR – 250 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 323 sq ft

Honeywell HAC25M1201W uses advanced filtration and sound reduction technology, which makes it stand out from the competition. Its unique design allows ideal airflow in the room, as it allows airflow from sides, base, and the top.

The powerful HEPA filter in this air purifier can detect up to PM2.5 and kill microorganisms by 99%. If you have a larger area to purify, then the 3D technology of this air purifier comes in handy.


  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Low running cost
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Filter needs frequent replacement

4. Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887

  • Filter Type – HEPA and Activated Carbon
  • CADR – 333 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 420 sq ft

Philips AC2887 air purifier comes with Vitashield IPS cleaning, which can deliver clean air at the rate of 393m3/hr. This air purifier is ideal for rooms up to 95 square meters. This air purifier can remove pollutants and deliver fresh air within 10 minutes.

The smart sensors turn down the fan speed when you are sleeping to provide a noise-free environment. It is one of the best air purifier in India under 15000.


  • Low Noise
  • Aerodynamic design for efficient airflow
  • VitaShield kills 99% of bacteria and allergens


  • Relatively high maintenance

5. Coway Professional Air Purifier

  • Filter Type – Green HEPA Filter
  • CADR – 303 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 355 sq ft

Coway has a large research centre with 243 full-time researchers dedicated to developing air care products of all types so you can breathe easy every day. The company’s “Coway Air Purifier” ranks as India’s best selling product, making it hard not to love this brand!

The innovative design ensures high efficiency: your home will be cleaned in no time, thanks to an optimized airflow that maximizes reach while minimizing noise pollution.


  • Powerful HEPA filter removes 99.97% of pollutants
  • Best sales support


  • Nothing found as such

6. Philips AC3256 Air Purifier

  • Filter Type – HEPA
  • CADR – 397 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 505 sq ft

This air purifier comes with VitaShield, which includes an extra thick NanoProtect HEPA filter. It is designed to reduce the UFP particles and remove the H1N1 virus from a room up to 505 sq ft in size within 8 minutes.

This air purifier’s Special Allergen mode and quiet sleep mode are the perfect combinations for removing airborne allergens.

The AeraSense technology can detect even the slightest change in the air and adapts accordingly.


  • Best suited for people who are allergic to dust
  • Affordable pricing


  • Frequent filter replacement is needed
Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier
  • Filter Type – 360° Glass HEPA Filter with Tris-coated Activated Carbon.
  • CADR – 1300 CMH 
  • Coverage Area – upto 600sq ft

This is the most advanced air purifier on the list. The air multiplier technology works powerfully and can circulate the room with a cord length of 1.9m. It is one of the best air purifier in world with global recognition.

It comes with an intelligent purification feature that kills 99.95% of pollutants, bacteria, and other harmful gases. With the help of the Dyson link app, you can constantly monitor the quality of air in your room.


  • Powerful filters
  • Cleans the room of any size


  • Quite expensive compared to other air purifiers
  • Becomes noisy when operating at higher speeds

Best Air Purifier in India – Summary

What is an air purifier? 

An air purifier is a device that consists of a fan and a filter. It cleans the air within a particular area, say our room or hall, by filtering the harmful pollutants from the indoor air.  

An air purifier is developed so that it can even trap the microscopic pollutants from the outdoor air and stop it from passing through our nasal passage to the lungs. 

And hence reducing allergies, asthma, etc. and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the things to consider before buying an air purifier?

You have to consider many things before purchasing an air purifier. Here is the list of some significant checks you should look at before purchasing. 

Size of the room: To make air purifiers compact, brands are reducing the size of the air purifiers. You have to look for a relevant and powerful purifier that can cover all parts of your room. 

First, you have to think of the place where you will use the air purifier. It might be a small room, a big bedroom or a large hall.

We suggest you purchase the model that has a higher purifying range than that of your room so that you can use it at low settings and can save energy consumption.  

CADR: CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate is a standard metric developed by AHAM to measure the performance of home air purifiers. 

The higher CADR means the higher filtration capacity, so go with the model that has a higher CADR rating to ensure better cleaning of the air. 

ACH: The full form of ACH is Air Changes Per Hour. It states the number of times the air purifier filter cleans the indoor air in an hour. It means if an air purifier has an ACH of 5, it means it cleans air every 12 minutes.

If you live in a polluted city such as Delhi, Gaziabad, etc., you should search for a purifier with a high ACH, say 4-5. 

Higher ACH ensures frequent cleaning of the indoor air so that you can breathe hassle-free. 

Air Quality Indicators: Technology is designed to ease the work of human beings. It is very convenient if you have an air purifier with indicators showing the quality of air? 

Nowadays, most air purifiers come with a colour-changing LED indicator that changes colour from green to red according to air quality.

By looking at the air quality indicator, you can adjust the fan speed for better cleaning. The latest models come with an inbuilt auto fan speed controller, so there is no need to regulate the fan low or high.

Smart Features: Apart from these significant features, people always want more. So many brands, such as Xiaomi, Philips, etc., developed their app to control air purifiers remotely from their smartphones. 

Also, many air purifiers have pm 2.5 indicators and an auto mode for adjusting fan speed automatically. 

Here are some notable intelligent features you can check before making a purchase decision:- 

  • AI (Artificial intelligence) – Smart air purifier with AI automatically changes fan speed for better efficiency. 
  • Smart App – Smart app helps operate your air purifier from your smartphone without leaving your comfort. 

Voice Assistant – Smart apps from reputated brands come with a voice assistant that helps in controlling your purifier just with your audio. 

Power Consumption: Who doesn’t want to save power consumption? Especially when it comes to devices that run more than 15 hours a day.  

Generally, an air purifier consumes about 50 to 100 Watt per hour, which means it costs you around ₹400 to 700 for a month with a full-day operation. 

Prefer Purifiers that consume less energy and have good CADR for cost-efficient performance. 

Maintenance: Air purifiers’ filters need to be changed every 6-8 months or depending upon the uses. 

If you don’t change your filter regularly, you will waste your electricity, as it won’t purify air anymore. 

Go with a brand that offers their filter at an affordable price as you have to change it every 6-8 months. 

Also, make sure it is available in your local market or at e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart at a reasonable price. 

Noise Level: If you use your air purifier in a small room or hall, consider purchasing a purifier suited for a large hall. 

Then run it on low settings, i.e. low fan speed ensure quietness and better performance. 

Brand Reputation: Nowadays, brands deliver quality products and good service to their customers to increase their reputation. 

Before purchasing an air purifier, read reviews of each brand’s on the internet and determine whether the brand provides quality products and good after-sales service. 

Go with a brand with a good reputation in the market and delivers quality products to its customers. 

Warranty: If your air purifier somehow starts malfunctioning or not working correctly, then you need to get it repaired. 

A more extended warranty period ensures that the brand’s service agents do the repair work. So, no need to go elsewhere for repairs. 

Ensure that the parts of the air purifier, such as the motor, filter, etc., are covered under warranty to avoid any inconveniences. 

After Sales Service: Brands must look after their customers and products and assist them in any difficulties in installation, operation, etc. 

It is necessary to check whether the brand’s service centre is available in your locality and provides good customer support. 

Other features to consider 

Here is the list of other features to consider before making the air purifier purchase decision. 

Pre-filters: Pre-filters are located before the primary HEPA filter. The main function of the pre-filter is to remove the dust particles from the surrounding air of the hall or room before entering the primary HEPA filter. 

The two most common types of pre-filters available in the market are Mesh pre-filter, which only traps solid particles such as dust, pollen, etc. 

And another is a Carbon pre-filter that traps both Solid and gaseous particles present in your room. 

So, it is better to choose an air purifier installed with an advanced carbon pre-filter. 

Adjustable Fan Speed: If you are using your air purifier inside a small room, it is better to use it at low speed for silence and efficient operation. While in a large hall, switching it to high speed increases its filtering performance. 

Some air purifiers come with turbo mode, an auto mode for fast fan speed, and manual low and high-speed mode. 

Go with a brand that gives you both auto mode and manually adjustable fan speed options for your convenience. 

Filter Change indicator: HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air ) filter needs to be changed every 6-8 months. If you have a filter change indicator, you need not worry about remembering the last date you changed your filter. 

Timer Function: The timer function option allows you to delay starting or shut down your air purifier and avoids wasting electricity when not in operation. You can use the timer function to set the auto switch off or switch on with the same operating setting. 

Antimicrobial treatment: Air purifiers that have activated carbon filters are specially designed to absorb microbes, and then UV sanitization kills microbes such as bacteria, germs, viruses, etc. It keeps your room germs free and ensures a healthy surrounding around you. 

Portability: Brands compete in the market to provide their customers with powerful and portable air purifiers. 

You have to sort those air purifiers that give you both performance and are portable. 

A portable air purifier allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime, without any hassle. 

Remote Control: Nowadays, almost every air purifier provides you with a remote to control your air purifier. 

Many brands such as Xiaomi, Philips, Kent have also developed apps that support intelligent operation while sitting at any corner of your house. 

Child Lock: These days kids are so curious about new technology, and they love to inspect every appliance in your house. 

Their curiosity might lead to the misconfiguration of your air purifier. Make sure your purifier has a child lock function. Child lock in your air purifier helps prevent accidental setting changes and maintains the same settings. 

What purifying techniques used by Air Purifiers?

UV filter: In the UV air purifier, the UV light is sent into the air chamber to remove impurities and allergens from the air.

Carbon Filter: Activated carbon is good at filtering dust particles and harmful gases in the air. Though carbon filters cannot eliminate harmful chemicals that can cause medical issues, they can eliminate harmful gases and toxic smells from the air.

Ionic Purification: In this kind of purifier, a charged particle is attached to the pollutants so that they become heavy and fall on the surface of the air purifier. If anyone is suffering from respiratory problems like Asthma, this is the best pick.

Ozone Purification: Purifiers that use ozone purification will intake normal oxygen (o2) and convert it into ozone. When released into the air, the ozone sticks to allergens and other harmful gases and oxidizes them.

HEPA Filter: Purifiers using HEPA filters have a thick sheet of a paper channel to catch the airborne impurities. These purifiers can wipe out parasites, dust, smoke, and other harmful elements present in the air. It is also the latest purifying technique use by best purifier in India.

What are the benefits of an Air Purifier?

  • Due to the impure air present in the room, people suffering from Asthma and other allergens get highly affected. Air purifiers fight respiratory problems by purifying the air in the room.
  • Active smokers often affect passive smokers. If there is anyone smoking in your surroundings, it can indirectly harm your lungs. So, to keep you safe from active smokers, the air purifiers filter the air from smoke particles and other allergens.
  • If you are moving to a new home, it might be filled with powerful toxins like formaldehyde. Air purifiers are good at filtering such toxins in the home.

What types of air pollutants can an air purifier remove? 

  • Allergens 
  • Pollens 
  • Odour molecules 
  • Volatile organic compounds 
  • Mould spores 
  • Microbes 
  • Germs 
  • Bacteria 
  • Wood, tobacco smoke and its smell 
  • Dust 
  • Toxins for sprays and pesticides 

Best Air Purifier in India FAQs

What type of purifier do I need to buy? 

It would be best if you bought an air purifier that is sufficient for the area of operation. Also, it should be compact and energy-efficient. You should also check whether the air purifier can purify all types of contaminants in your house.

Can I run the air purifier all the time? 

Yes, you can run the air purifier all the time. If your area is more contaminated, you need to run the air purifier all the time. An air purifier consumes significantly less energy when compared to other heavy appliances in your home.

When do I need to change the filters? 

If your air purifier is installed with a filter change indicator, then you have to change the filters after the indicator notifies you. If your air purifier doesn’t have this feature, you may use it for approximately 6-8 months; after that, you need to change the filter.

Wrap up

Poor air quality at home can make you fall sick. So, it is important to pick the best air purifier in India to provide your family with fresh and pure air and keep them away from respiratory disorders.

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