Best 55 Inch TV In India 2023 (Top Brands)

Since their inception in society, TVs have become an integral part of everyday life, providing high-quality entertainment. With the evolution of modern technology, TVs have also undergone quite an advancement.

Moreover, TVs are now produced in various sizes to meet all the modern-day requirements. The 55-inch TV is one of the most preferred options owing to its giant screens and higher specifications.

Due to the massive demand for the 55-inch TV, the market has an enormous array of options. To help you with your purchase, we have curated a list of the best 55-inch TV in India, which is worth the amount spent.

These Are The Best 55 Inch TV in India 2023

Checkout the list of best 55 inch TV in India which is curated based on resolution, sound quality, connectivity option, size, and brand reputation.

1. Sony Bravia KD-55X74K TV

Sony Bravia KD-55X74K TV
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Featuring a highly effective open baffle filter, this Sony Bravia 55-inch TV is one of the top-rated products in the market. The open baffle filters are known for delivering amazing low-end music, which is ideal for movies, music, and sports.

To provide you with an immersive sound experience, this 55-inch LED TV is equipped with Dolby audio support. The clear phase feature of the appliance results in natural and pure audio, which does not hurt the ears. This Sony Bravia TV even gives you access to unlimited web content through its Google TV.

It consists of a plethora of applications that you can choose from as per your requirement. It provides complete parental control, which comes as a significant benefit. The parental control feature lets you set daily and bedtime limits and provides an app monitoring system with a family link.


  • Fantastic color and contrast quality
  • Comes with powerful processor for external noise-free
  • Purity of sound is quite high
  • Easy to use its smart choices
  • This TV have smart protection-pro (dust, lighting, surge and humidity)


  • No cons found

2. Redmi L55M6-RA TV

Redmi L55M6-RA TV
  • Resolution4K
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With a product dimension of 124 cm in length, 8.1 cm in width, and 71.5 cm in height, this 55 inch TV by Redmi is another best product you can purchase. The prominent attractive feature of this smart TV is the Mi home application.

This app provides a new and intelligent way to synchronize and control all your smart devices installed in your home. It has multiple USB, optical, AV, and HDMI ports. These ports enable you to connect other devices, such as laptops, tablets, etc., with the TV.

 It features a built-in Chromecast that gives you quick and easy access to videos, pictures, and music from your preferred device to the TV. This redmi 55 inch TV is powered by the quad-core A55 processor, providing an unmatched viewing experience. The innovative recommendation feature helps you discover the latest and trending content.



3. Mi L55M5-5XIN TV

Mi L55M5-5XIN TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Another best 55 inch TV you can purchase without any second thoughts is this MI TV. It comes with a resolution of 4k Ultra HD, which results in bright and clear pictures. The product is provided with two USB ports that aid in the hassle-free connection of hard drives and other USB devices.

It even features three HDMI ports that help you connect gaming consoles or the set-top box. Mi’s vivid picture engine delivers color vibrancy and accuracy, which adds to the enhanced user experience. The 20 watts speakers embedded in this MI 55 inch smart TV provide clear and immersive sound.

It has the patchwall feature that gives you easy access to all the trending content from the app on just a single screen. Moreover, the patchwall feature is designed for an effortless viewing experience. Additionally, the brand provides one year warranty on the product and an extra one-year warranty on the panel.



4. Samsung UA55AUE70AKLXL TV

  • Resolution – Crystal 4K Pro UHD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The Samsung 55 inches TV features the latest crystal 4K resolution, known for its billion true colors. This feature results in an optimized color expression that lets you see all the finest details. The PurColor specification of this product provides a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.

It enables the product to deliver a wide range of colors, resulting in optical picture performance and an enhanced viewing experience. The powerful crystal processor 4K ensures you get high-quality content. It also results in more lifelike colors, an outcome of its sophisticated color mapping technology.

The voice assistant feature gives you hassle-free control of the TV. Now you can scroll through your favorite TV shows and contents by commanding your TV. The three-side bezel-less design of the TV accounts for its elegant and sleek look that will be a great addition to your modern home interiors.



5. LG 55UP7500PTZ TV

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

When it comes to buying superior quality home products, LG is one of the top brands which is preferred by many. The products manufactured by this renowned brand are known for their high-grade quality, unmatched efficiency, and stylish looks. Moreover, LG home appliances also come in an affordable price range, making them easily accessible.

This LG 55 inches TV, with its ultra-modern and stylish looks, will surely enhance your interior décor. It features a product dimension of 8.7 cm in length, 124.4 cm in width, and 72.6 cm in height. The product comes with a 178-degree viewing angle that lets you have clear visuals even when sitting at the end of the couch.

The 4K upscaling resolution of the TV lets you witness the fine details of the contents. Another prominent feature of this TV is its AI brightness control, which results in brighter colors while ensuring they are not harsh on the eyes.

6. TCL 55P615 TV

TCL 55P615 TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The TCL 4K UHD TV is famous for producing stunning details of shades of colors along with an affordable price tag. It is equipped with the dynamic color enhancement algorithm, which effectively improves the display effects of the low to high color display. It results in better colors of the natural videos.

Another significant advantage of this TV is its micro dimming feature which enhances the LED performance of the appliance. The micro dimming technology improves the white and black parts of the TV display. It is provided with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, which accounts for the smooth and fast performance of the product.

With this TV at your aid, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your favorite content using the voice assistant feature. The Dolby audio system results in enhanced and realistic sound, and this TV presents you with enhanced picture quality in every scene.



7. iFFALCON 55U61 TV

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

If you are looking for a stylish-looking 55-inch TV with the latest technology and advanced specifications, you can opt for this iFFALCON TV. This TV features the latest dynamic color enhancement, producing better colors when playing natural pictures and videos.

This 55 inch TV is also an ideal choice for gamers since it features a game mode with excellent image and sound quality. The primary significant feature of this TV is its Dolby audio 24 watts speakers that deliver powerful, rich, and clear sound.

This product is slim, allowing you to place it anywhere without worrying about space constraints. Moreover, the slim design of the TV will surely add to the aesthetics of your modern home. The all-in-one AI platform of this TV gives you the most straightforward and hassle-free way of searching for your favorite and trending entertainment content.



8. OnePlus 55U1S TV

OnePlus 55U1S TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

In the arena of electrical home appliances, OnePlus is one of the famous brands known to manufacture top-rated products. The OnePlus products are widely renowned for their superior performance and ultra-modern features. It features the latest pro-grade sound tuning, which accounts for its massive demand in the market.

This feature produces the booming stereo and a well-balanced sound profile that gives a cinematic experience. The far-field voice control lets you play, search and connect hands-free. The 30 watts sound output results in an enhanced sound experience.

The gamma engine in this product ensures the fast and smooth performance of the TV. It is packed with several intelligent features such as Google assistant, android TV 10, one plus connect 2.0, kids mode, data Saving mode, game mode, and many more. Another attractive feature of this OnePlus 55 inch TV is its 95% screen-to-body ratio.



9. Hisense 55A71F TV

Hisense 55A71F TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Those looking forward to purchasing the latest TV for their home, which provides an impressive sound experience and optimum brightness, can buy this Hisense TV. With the built-in Google assistant, you can get more work done through your voice command.

It features a high dynamic range that gives you access to premium quality content. One of the primary features of this TV is its Dolby audio, which results in moving audio on-screen. This feature provides you with a breathtaking experience while watching the action videos.

It comes with an ultra-vivid high contrast panel that delivers lively colors, brighter whites, and darker blacks, offering a dynamic viewing experience. This appliance features several connectivity products such as an HDMI port, 5g wifi, and USB port. With this TV, you can access various entertainment platforms such as Netflix, voot, Disney plus Hotstar, prime video, Zee5, and many more.



10. Kodak 55CA0909 TV

Kodak 55CA0909 TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

This Kodak 55 inches TV is another best-selling product worth a purchase. It is equipped with the innovative Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology which provides smoother frames.

This feature minimizes lag which delivers fast-moving scenes. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a 10-bit display, you can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. It is equipped with the mediate chipset, providing an enthralling visual experience and a fantastic performance.

To add to the user experience, it is provided with an ergonomically designed remote. The remote features are dedicated and indicated hotkeys for all your favorite apps such as google play store, Netflix, amazon prime, and YouTube.

You can also use your voice to navigate through your favorite digital content. The bezel-less design accounts for the stylish and sleek build of the TV, which makes this TV an ideal choice for the modern home. Moreover, the company gives one year warranty on the TV, which is a significant additional benefit.



Buying Guide For Best 55 Inch TV In India

The points below are vital factors to consider while buying the best 55-inch TV.

Display type: With the advancement in technology, the display of the Tv has also undergone quite an impressive level of evolution, resulting in its varied types. The display of a Tv is its vital component which acts as a determinant for various factors such as contrast, glare and viewing angles. Usually, the best 55-inch TV display type is available in three variants: LED, OLED and QLED. The LED display is the most commonly found type in TV sets. They come with a thin frame and an economical price range. The OLED (organic light emitting diode) features better contrast ratios and is equipped with an extremely thin frame. The quantum dot LED ( QLED) display offers vibrant colours, better picture quality and brightness. This display uses quantum dots to provide superior brightness.

Refresh rate: Another essential factor to consider while buying a TV is its refresh rate. The refresh rate of a television implies the number of times the TV set refreshes the images on the screen in one second. While buying the best 55-inch TV in India, getting one with a high refresh rate is always advisable. A 55-inch TV with a high refresh rate lets you enjoy fast-paced action scenes and intense games.

Screen resolution: The resolution of a TV implies the number of pixels required for making up the picture on the screen. The more the resolution, the sharper and clearer the picture offered by the TV. To ensure that you get your hands on the best 55-inch TV, get one with a high resolution.

Connectivity options: In your hustle of buying the best 55-inch TV, do not forget to pay attention to the TV model’s connectivity options. You can use the various connectivity ports to connect other devices to the TV. The more connectivity options, the better. With the connectivity ports, you can connect gaming consoles, soundbar or a Chromecast with the TV.

Smart features: Another essential factor to consider while purchasing the best 55-inch TV is its smart features. The smart features equipped with the TV account for its more excellent usability. One innovative feature you must look out for is the patch wall feature. This feature lets you access all the trending content on a single screen. The other smart features you must consider are online music streaming, media player, universal search engine, app store, etc.

Wrap Up!

Those mentioned above are the best 55 inches TV which is worth a buy. These best 55 inches TV features the perfect combination of the latest technology, innovative features, stylish looks, and modern design.

Before choosing a tv, we recommend you check out our comprehensive tv buying guide, which helps you to select the best 55-inch tv for your home.

They even give you quick access to various online entertainment platforms. Through the built-in voice assistant, you can easily control the appliance by just commanding it. Moreover, the high-quality, powerful speakers of these best 55-inch TV gives you a cinematic experience.

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