Best 4K TV in India 2023 – With Smartest Features

Since its inception, televisions have become an integral part of every Indian household. They are our primary source of entertainment and recreation. Technological advancement has resulted in a significant evolution of the TV; therefore, we have the latest smart TVs at our disposal today.

The android smart TV has become quite popular due to its various ultra-modern features. Owing to the massive demand for the 4k tv, the market now consists of a vast array of options which can put you in a dilemma. To ensure you get your hands on the best options, we have curated a list of the best 4k tv in India.

Top Choices of The Best 4K TV in India 2023

Checkout the list of best 4k TV in India which is curated based on sound quality, resolution, connectivity options, display size, and brand reputation.

1. Mi 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Mi 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With an LED panel display, this Mi 4k tv in India is one of the best options you can purchase. It features a vivid picture engine that delivers exquisite color accuracy and vibrancy, enhancing your viewing experience.

This 4k TV has 20 watts speakers, which completes your entertainment experience with high-quality audio. The patchwall feature of this Mi TV gives you easy access to all the trending content from all applications. With this android TV, you get access to the latest Android 9.0, which lets you download games directly from the play store.

It has a remote control operation that allows you to control the appliance easily. The remote features an ergonomic build that is simple to use and comes with Bluetooth 4.2. Additionally, the TV comes with various connectivity ports to ensure that you can easily connect the TV with other devices.

2. Redmi 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Redmi 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Powered by the latest Quad-core A55, this 4k TV by Redmi is another best-selling product in the market which you can opt for without any second thoughts. The flagship performance of this processor results in an unmatched viewing experience, and it has intelligent recommendations that let you discover the trending and latest content.

The Google Assistant feature of this Redmi 4k tv enables you to control the appliance by just commanding it. It comes with various connectivity ports, which include HDMI, USB, optical, and AV.

The Redmi 4k tv features a user center, a personal hub for all users. This feature lets you quickly find the latest trailers of upcoming shows and exclusive content offered by the tv. One of the prominent features of this 4k tv is its kid’s mode with parental lock, which lets you control the contents that your kids watch.

3. Vu 50 Inches 4K Series Smart Android LED TV

Vu 50 Inches 4K Series Smart Android LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The VU premium TV comes with the panoramic wide viewing angle technique, which enhances the picture quality from every angle. This technique enables you to enjoy a clear picture from any place on the couch. The Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10 technology effectively enhance the picture’s sharpness, color details, depth, and white and black levels.

To add to the superb usability of the product, it features an anti-glare screen that keeps your eyes safe from blue lights. The anti-glare screen distracts the reflection from sunlight and other sources of glare on the screen. The screen absorbs 98% of the incoming light and reflects only 2%.

Its modern aesthetics make this appliance the perfect addition to your modern living room d├ęcor. The VU premium TV’s bezel-less body adds to the product’s elegance. The 64-bit quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM ensure this TV’s smooth and powerful performance. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, which lets you connect multiple devices such as headphones, speakers, etc.

4. Acer 43 inches Frameless Series 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Acer 43 inches Frameless Series 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

When purchasing superior quality electrical appliances, Acer is one of the famous brands trusted and preferred by many. The products manufactured by this renowned brand are known for their premium quality and ultra-modern features, which efficiently meet all modern-day requirements.

It comes with a 178 degrees wide viewing angle, giving you a clear vision from one end of the couch. The speakers embedded in this 4k TV come with 30 watts sound output, giving you a cinematic experience right in the comforts of your home. The Dolby audio emits a powerful sound that provides an impressive audio quality.

The super brightness and micro dimming feature of this Acer 4k TV provide adequate picture quality. It is equipped with three HDMI ports that connect your laptop, personal computer, gaming console, or set-top box with your TV. While through the USB port, you can connect hard drives or other USB devices.

5. LG 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

A smart home requires a smart TV, and in this aspect, the LG smart 4k TV is one of the top-rated products which will surely be a great addition to your home. It comes with a product dimension of 8.5 cm in length, 97.3 cm in width, and 57.2 cm in height.

This TV’s sleek and compact design lets you place it without worrying about space constraints. The quad-core processor of this 4k tv ensures its smooth and powerful performance.

 It has a newly designed home screen that gives you personalized content suggestions. With this TV at your aid, you get hassle-free access to various online entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, YouTube, zee5, and many more. Moreover, the brand offers a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and an additional one-year warranty on the panel or module. 

6. Samsung 43 inches Crystal 4K Pro Series Ultra HD LED TV

Samsung 43 inches Crystal 4K Pro Series Ultra HD LED TV
  • Resolution – Crystal 4K Pro UHD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

If you are looking forward to upgrading your TV to the latest one, you can undoubtedly purchase this 4k TV from Samsung. This appliance features a perfect amalgamation of the latest specifications, advanced technology, ultra-modern design, and an elegant look. The stylish and elegant look of this Samsung 4k TV will surely add to the aesthetics of your modern room.

It provides a crystal 4k display with billion true colors, optimizing color expression so you can enjoy every tiny detail. This Samsung smart TV comes with a purcolor feature, resulting in optimal picture performance and an immersive viewing experience.

This appliance’s high dynamic range enhances the TV’s light levels, ensuring you can enjoy a vast spectrum of colors even in the darkest scenes. It comes with a motion Xcelerator, compensating and estimating frames resulting in clear performance and picture. You can now quickly access all its features through Alexa and Bixby’s voice assistant feature.

7. OnePlus 43 inches Y Series 4K Ultra HD LED TV

OnePlus 43 inches Y Series 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The OnePlus android TV, with its 4k resolution, enables you to witness ultra-realistic details and extraordinary clarity, which completely transgresses your viewing experience. The 10-bit color depth with over a billion colors delivers breathtaking color accuracy in every scene.

One of the significant features of this OnePlus 4k TV is its kid’s mode which enables the parents to restrict the apps and set playtime limits for the kids. Moreover, the eye comfort mode automatically switches to the kid’s mode, thus protecting your child’s eyes.

 The smart manager with a remote diagnosis system quickly frees up space and accelerates the system’s speed. The remote diagnosis feature delivers a more intelligent and innovative way to resolve and identify issues that might occur with your TV. The smart voice control feature keeps you in charge of the operating system of the TV. Moreover, you can also connect all your OnePlus devices with the TV, such as the OnePlus smartwatch, earbuds, etc.

Buying Guide For Best 4K TV In India

To choose the best 4k tv in India, it is essential to take into consideration certain essential factors as those mentioned below: 

Display type: An essential aspect of a TV that determines its performance is its screen type. And in terms of screens, there are various things to consider about panel technology. The most common type of display technology in TV sets is the LED display. This type of display offers the TV a slim panel and brighter viewing. Another major benefit of LED display TV sets is their low price range. The QLED display is the most readily available panel technology. This technology uses quantum dots that offer superior brightness levels and picture quality. On the other hand, the OLED display uses the components of organic pixels that disperse light when light passes through it. 

Screen size: Another essential factor to consider while buying a 4k TV is its screen size. The 4k TVs are available in various screen sizes; hence it is imperative to have a brief idea regarding the screen size, enabling you to choose the right one. If the screen size is too small or too big, you might face strain in your eyes. To determine the right screen size of the TV, consider the number of members in your family who regularly watch TV and where you wish to place the television. The right size of the TV will offer an excellent viewing experience. 

Refresh rate: The refresh rate of a television is measured in Hertz (Hz). The refresh rate determines the number of times the TV screen refreshes the displayed images. The standard refresh rate of a television is 60 times per second. In this aspect, getting a 4K TV with a high refresh rate is always advisable.

Connectivity options: In your hustle to buy the best 4K TV, always pay attention to the connectivity options featured by the TV. The various connectivity options let you connect various other devices to the TV, such as gaming consoles, soundbars, or a Chromecast. While getting a 4K tv, ensure that you get one having the required connectivity ports, such as HDMI inputs. 

Audio quality: To enjoy a cinematic viewing experience in the comforts of your house, it is crucial to consider the audio quality of the 4k tv. While considering the audio quality, ensure that you get one with higher wattage since it emits a superior and loud audio quality. 

Wrap Up!

The products mentioned above are the best 4k TV in India and are worth purchasing. These best 4k TVs come with the unique and perfect amalgamation of the latest technology and advanced features, which accounts for the massive demand. The primary attraction of these products is their high resolution coupled with superior quality audio, which gives a cinematic experience.

Apart from this, they are equipped with numerous intelligent features such as Dolby audio, powerful processors, a built-in voice assistant, several connectivity options, and lots more. Moreover, they even give you easy access to various online entertainment apps and platforms.

OnePlus 50 Inches U Series 4k TV

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