Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney – Which One is Better?

A chimney is one of the best appliances in their kitchen to keep it clean and smoke-free while cooking. However, while buying a chimney, most of us are confused about buying a filterless chimney or a baffle filter chimney. In this guide, we have provided clear information on both types of kitchen chimneys.

What is a Baffle filter chimney?

A baffle filter chimney is the most advanced version of the mesh chimney. In fact, this kind of chimney is advanced compared to other filter-type chimneys in the market. The filters of the baffle filter chimney are mostly curved in shape and are made of either stainless steel or aluminium.

The primary purpose of this chimney is to control the airflow. The curved panels ensure that the smoke from cooking changes its direction so that the oil or grease particles get collected in the panel.

This type of chimney can separate oil particles from odor with the help of ‘cut and splash’ technology. When the oil particles are collected in the curved panels, the suction capacity of the filter is not compromised.

Since these filters do not get clogged easily, they can run smoothly for a long time. Moreover, the baffle filter chimneys do not require much maintenance, and hence, it cuts down on your maintenance cost. You can detach the baffle filters for easy cleaning and maintenance, and these filters require cleaning once in 4 months.

How does the Baffle filter work?

As the smoke flows through the filter, baffle filters ensure the direction of the grease-saturated air is changed. These filters contain interconnected baffles that ensure the oil particles and grease are separated from the smoke, with its impressive ‘cut and splash’ technology. The smoke finally escapes from the exhaust system, while these grease particles get trapped in the filters.

Before they drain into the filter, these grease particles get collected on the metal plates. One of the best things about baffle filters is that they do not get clogged easily like other filters (like mesh). When the residue gets collected in the box, no buildup occurs, and the airflow is not obstructed.

Most of the baffle filters require cleaning once in 4 months. However, if the baffle filters come with auto-cleaning technology, maintenance is needed only once every 6 months.

Since most Indian cooking uses a lot of spices and oil, this will be an ideal choice to buy.


  • The price of the Baffle filter chimneys is quite affordable
  • Maintenance is effortless
  • Cleaning the chimney is hassle-free
  • Since the filters are made of stainless steel or aluminium, they last longer than other chimneys.
  • Good value for money.
  • Space between panels ensures enough airflow, and the filters do not get clogged.


  • Compared to other chimneys, baffle filter chimneys are very heavy.
  • Compared to filterless chimneys, baffle filter chimneys create loud noise during operation.
  • To ensure proper functioning, a certain amount of maintenance is needed.
  • Not many designs are available in this kind of chimney.

What is a filterless chimney?

As the name says, filterless chimneys are the ones that do not contain any filters in the chimney. These chimneys are more advanced than auto-cleaning chimneys, and one need not worry about cleaning and maintenance, as the filters are not present.

The consumable costs and maintenance costs as well are almost zero for the filterless chimneys. The oil and grease particles are collected in the oil collector, and once you press the auto clean button, the entire cleaning process completes in under fifteen minutes.

In traditional chimneys, you can find that the filters get clogged by smoke which impacts the suction power of the chimney. However, this is not the case with filterless chimneys. Since the filters are not present in this kind of chimney, the suction power is not affected. To ensure better suction performance, the motor is strategically placed inside the chimney so that the oil particles are collected effectively, and the airflow is not obstructed.

Apart from the maintenance, filterless chimneys also ensure a noise-free environment in the kitchen. However, if you are using heavy oils and spices in the cooking, this chimney is not the right option.

How does the filterless chimney work?

Filterless chimneys use centrifugal air force to collect the oil particles from the smoke. The lighter smoke is immediately drawn out of the chimney, and the rest of the larger particles get collected on the chimney’s walls. These large particles then get carried towards the oil collector.

All the cleaning processes can be completed automatically with the push of a button. The auto cleaning process takes a maximum of fifteen minutes to complete. Since these chimneys do not have any filters, there is no worry about clogging.


  • Does not require much maintenance or cleaning.
  • During operation, this chimney is super silent.
  • The cleaning is automatic and does not require any manual effort.
  • No clogging over time.
  • This chimney is more durable.


  • The cost of the chimney is very high
  • This chimney is not the right fit for households with heavy oil-based cooking.

Baffle Filter or Filterless: Which is best for Indian cooking?

The primary purpose of the chimneys is to keep the kitchen smoke-free and clean. Both filterless chimneys and baffle filter chimneys help in maintaining a clean kitchen. However, since Indian cooking requires a lot of oil and spices, baffle filter chimneys are highly preferred.

With the help of cut and splash technology, they can collect heavy oil particles and grease and effectively clean the kitchen from smoke. Moreover, they do not require much maintenance. Also, due to its construction from stainless steel, baffle filter chimneys last longer.


As mentioned above, both these kinds of chimneys offer excellent performance. However, based on your cooking type, budget, and other requirements, you need to decide what chimney you want to buy.

If you have cooking requirements with less oil and spices, filterless chimneys are the best. They also offer noise-free operation. On the other hand, if you use heavy spices and oil in your cooking, it is recommended to buy a baffle filter chimney.

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