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Best Air Cooler in India

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Cooler in India

Below are the things you should consider before buying an air cooler in India.

An efficient air cooler is a must-have to get some relief from the hot summers. However, before buying one, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you get on your hands on the best one. 

Type of Air Cooler 

When buying the best air cooler, you will surely get overwhelmed and confused with the myriad of options available in the market. Therefore before you set out to buy one for your house, a brief knowledge about the types of air coolers will help you make a better choice. Typically, there are four air coolers: desert air cooler, personal air cooler, tower air cooler, and window air cooler. 

Desert air cooler: These air coolers are comparatively more powerful and feature a larger tank capacity. Moreover, desert air coolers are ideal for dry and humid climates. A big blower and powerful motor make it suitable for cooling large spaces since they provide superior air delivery. The large tank of the desert air coolers enables you to enjoy long hours of cooling. Despite their bulky weight, the castor wheels provided at its base allows you to relocate it easily. 

Personal Air Coolers: Highly durable and portable, the personal air coolers are suitable for small rooms providing a personalized cooling experience. Moreover, these consume less energy as compared to the desert air coolers. These air coolers have a sleek and compact design, thereby occupying significantly less space in the room. Additionally, the lightweight facilitates hassle-free moving. 

Tower Air Cooler– As the name suggests, the tower air coolers have a tall and sleek build that justifies their name. Because of their tall height throws air at a higher point, which ensures a quick cooling experience. The tiny footprints of the tower air coolers enable you to fit them easily in any small or narrow space. The tower air coolers are highly powerful and can efficiently cool big rooms in terms of performance. The vertical distribution of air provided by the tower air coolers ensures a faster air spread across the room. Another significant benefit of these air coolers is their noiseless operation. 

Window Air Cooler: As the name suggests, this variety of air coolers is installed in the window frame. Therefore if you have a small and limited space, the window air cooler is the best option since it does not occupy much space in the room. Even though the window air coolers are small, they provide relatively superior cooling. The durable plastic body of the window air coolers accounts for their long-lasting nature. Regarding pricing and maintenance, the window air coolers are slightly on the upper pricing rate and require regular maintenance compared to the other three varieties. However, these are energy efficient and provide an optimum cooling effect. 

Cooling Area

One of the critical things to consider before purchasing an air cooler is the area of cooling. The cooling efficiency of an air cooler is considered in CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute. Therefore it is essential to find the appropriate CFM before purchasing an air cooler. If you have a large room, you will require one with a larger capacity, while a small area will need a lesser capacity one. 

Types of cooling pad

The cooling capacity of the air coolers depends mainly on the type of cooling pad used. An air cooler uses two variants of cooling pads, such as honeycomb and aspen/ wood wool cooling pad. 

Honeycomb cooling pads: As the name suggests, the honeycomb cooling pads look exactly like honeycombs. These are made of cellulose and require less maintenance and cleaning because of which most of the top air coolers brands prefer using the honeycomb cooling pads in the air coolers. Moreover, compared to the wood wool ones, they are highly durable. The honeycomb cooling pads are primarily used in desert air coolers since they effectively tackle the humidity level. The only downside of these honeycomb cooling pads is their price on the higher side. 

Aspen/ Wood Wool cooling pads: These cooling pads are made of synthetic fibers and wood shavings that resemble grass. The wood wool cooling pads are cheap but require frequent replacement on the pricing dimension. Moreover, compared to the honeycomb, the aspen cooling pad is less effective. The main disadvantage of the Aspen/ Wood Wool cooling pads is their high maintenance, and they need to be replaced frequently to achieve the required cooling effect. 

Tank Capacity

While buying an air cooler, you must consider its tank capacity. Opt for an air cooler with a larger tank capacity if you want to escape the hassle of refilling your air cooler frequently. The consumption of water depends upon the CFM of the air cooler. Moreover, various best air coolers these days come with an enhanced auto-fill feature that saves you from the hassle of manually filling water in the tank. Specific personal air coolers have a lower capacity, and the smaller capacity tanks require refiling every 6 to 7 hours. 

Water level indicator

Water is the primary refrigerant used in an air cooler, the absence of which will result in disruptions in the functioning process. Moreover, you must maintain a set amount of water level to ensure a smooth operation. Therefore while using an air cooler, you must always watch the water level. The water level indicator is an excellent feature of the air cooler, and it lets you know whether the tank has sufficient water for cooling the space. Moreover, specific air coolers also feature alarms that alert you to low water levels. 


Another essential feature to consider while buying an air cooler is its portability. For relocation and cleaning purposes, you might need to move the appliance. The air coolers are lightweight, which further adds to their portable nature. Most of the best air coolers come with castor wheels that facilitate moving them easily. In terms of portability, the window and tower air coolers are highly portable since they have a lightweight due to their sleek build. 

Inverter Compatible

Power shutdowns, especially during summers in India, is a common occurrence that further adds to the plight. Hence you must consider buying an inverter-compatible air cooler that will provide you with cool icy air even during the power cuts. 


While buying an air cooler you should always look for the air colder brand. Check whether the brand has good reputation and after sale service in your area. In our comprehensive research for air coolers we found Symphony, Bajaj, Crompton, Voltas, Havells, and Kenstar are the best air cooler brands in India.


Depending upon the features, capacity, brands, and latest specifications, the air coolers are available in various price ranges. Moreover, most of the best air coolers come with a reasonable price tag, thereby making them accessible to all. Therefore select your air cooler diligently as per your budget requirements. 


While purchasing an air cooler, it is essential to look at its warranty period. The warranty will allow you to claim free repair and service in case of any damage or malfunction. It is preferable to buy one that has a minimum one-year warranty period.

Smart Features 

Air Filtration: To ensure that you get the maximum out of the air cooler, it must have multi-level filters that effectively combat dust particles, bacteria, and odor-causing germs. The air filtration will ensure a flow of clean and fresh air. 

Remote Control: A remote control system is another prominent innovative feature to consider when buying an air cooler. The remote control will enable you to adjust the settings from any place. 

Speed Control: One of the essential features is that the best air cooler must have speed control. An air cooler must have at least three-speed controls that allow you to adjust the airflow as per your need and humidity level. 

Ice chamber: An ice chamber will allow you to add ice that provides icy cool, thereby providing ultimate relief from the heat. 


We hope this guide will help you choose the right air cooler as per your needs.

If you have any questions related to buying an air cooler in India, do let us know in the comments

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